A Berlin summer

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Our time in Berlin felt like one long summer holiday. We had lots of family and friends visiting from home, and spent our days walking along the canal, eating ice cream and picnicking in parks. We went to outdoor markets and swimming spots, and spent our evenings eating outside and strolling around Kreuzberg.

After falling so hard for Lisbon, it took me a little while to warm up to Berlin (even though I'd been twice before and loved it), but by the end of our month there I didn't want to leave.

Landwehr Canal

Our apartment overlooked the canal and we just loved it, whether it was going for a run or walk alongside it, or spending evenings sitting on the grass with friends watching the dinghies float along.

Landwehr Canal

Sunset on the canal


Berlin has lots of swimming spots, but this one must be the most fun. A floating barge in the River Spree surrounded by a large decked area for sunbathers, there's music, a burger stand and even a sandy area.

Badeschiff swimming pool

Badeschiff, Eichenstraße 4. There's a €5 entry fee and it's worth arriving early on the weekends as it gets busy.

Outdoor markets

Berlin has some great outdoor markets, from trendy street food trucks at Bite Club to fabric and haberdashery stalls at the Turkish market and, my personal favourite, a daily Thai market in Preußenpark.

Thai park in Berlin

The Lakes

There are almost a hundred lakes around the city. They're great spots for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking in nice scenery. We had big plans to visit a few of them, but in the end only made it to two, Krumme Lanke and Schlachtensee, which are right by each other. Check out this guide to read up on some of the others.

Krumme Lanke

Ice cream

Ice cream is big in Berlin. There are great places all around the city but our favourite was Fräulein Frost. Partly because it was just a couple of blocks away from our apartment, but also because they have so many interesting flavours that change daily. The best ones we tried were cucumber, lemon and mint (yep, all in one!), plum and blood orange.

Fräulein Frost ice cream

Berlin Zoological Garden

We planned to stop by the zoo for a quick look around but ended up spending hours there. Connected to the Tiergarten, the park right in the centre of the city, it's one of the biggest zoos I've been to. They also have a petting zoo (with pygmy goats!) and a great aquarium.

Big lake in the zoo

Aysha petting a goat

Berlin Zoological Garden, Hardenbergplatz 8. It's €13 to visit the zoo and €20 for a combined ticket to the zoo and aquarium.


A restaurant, bar, music venue, cinema, community garden and occasional flea market, Klunkerkranich is a fun outdoor space with great views over Berlin that's perfect on a summer day.


Klunkerkranich, 5th floor, 62 Karl-Marx-Strasse. There's a €2 entry fee and you should arrive before 7pm or expect to queue.

If you're looking for more tips on Berlin, have a read of my posts on the best markets and my favourite hang out, Klunkerkranich!