Special Places: Wes Anderson's Bar Luce in Milan

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I've been a Wes Anderson fan for a long time (favourite film: The Royal Tennenbaums, or maybe Darjeeling Limited, but The Grand Budapest Hotel was great too, ok I love them all).

So when we ended up in Milan for a couple of days this spot was at the top of my list in big capital letters.

Designed by the man himself last year, Bar Luce is part of the Prada Museum. And it is so, so perfect.

The whole place feels like a film set. The cakes are straight out of Mendl's. There's a Steve Zissou pinball machine. The waiters all wear bowties. Even the bathrooms were great.

Wes Anderson's Bar Luce

So many cakes!

The menu

Our breakfast

Signature colours

Steve Zissou pinball

The toilets

We didn't do much else in Milan. It was August, everything was closed and the streets were really quiet. But I do have two other recommendations for you:

  • Dumplings at La Ravioleria Sarpi: A cross between Chinese dumplings and ravioli, these are just as good as they sound.
  • Apperitivo in Navigli: Lots of busy spots along the canal that are perfect for people-watching at sunset.

Coming up next – Florence.