See ya, Asia!

Seminyak sunset

We've spent the last few days in the south of Bali, in touristy Seminyak. We've hardly seen any of the traditional culture here that is so present in other parts of Bali. But it's been a good place to relax, and the beach sunsets are incredible. It's also where I have (finally!) gotten caught up to date with this blog.

After four months of street food, palm trees, language barriers, paddy fields, tropical fruits and big smiles in Southeast Asia, it's time for a change.

And this afternoon we're off to start what may be our biggest adventure yet, a two-month Australian road trip, straight through the middle from Darwin to Melbourne, and then back up the East Coast.

We have two days to buy a car and the supplies we need before setting off into the Northern Territories. Go, go, go!