Right now

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This morning we woke up before sunrise – which is super late here in Mexico now that the clocks have gone forward – and headed out for an iced coffee at our new favourite coffee shop, Cafe Mañana. Then we stopped by the weekly market to pick up leafy greens and quiche for lunch from the resident French baker in town. This afternoon we'll work and go for a run on the beach once it cools down.

We arrived in San Pancho (official name: San Francisco) on Friday evening. And spent our weekend hiking, watching live music, reading on the beach and having long lunches.

San Pancho is a little beach town on the west coast of Mexico. The beach is huge, with a backdrop of palms and a couple of beach bars. The main street is lined with restaurants, from wood-fired pizza joints to taco stands (and even a ceviche cart on the back of a bicycle that I'm not brave enough to try). Low season is approaching and tourism is slowing down. Some of the expats are starting to head back up north and everyone keeps telling us this is the best time of year to visit.

This strange life we're living isn't always as good as it looks, but right now it's pretty sweet.