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Puffins in Westray

We went to Westray for the puffins. They come to Orkney from May to August each year to breed and nest in crevices in the cliffs. Westray is an hour and a half from the mainland by boat, and so we went for a weekend with bikes and a tent. The best place to see them is Castle O… Read more of "Puffins in Westray"

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A month in Orkney

As we neared the end of our four years of travelling, driving through the Atacama Desert in Chile, we talked about our favourite places. We narrowed our top fives down to top threes, and somewhere we kept coming back to was Orkney. Orkney is an archipelago off the north coast of… Read more of "A month in Orkney"

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A Warsaw city guide

We arrived in Warsaw on International Women's Day in the middle of a protest, thousands of women walking through the centre of the city holding placards and carrying flowers. Warsaw isn't exactly pretty but there's something about it, an energy. It's an exciting place to be… Read more of "A Warsaw city guide"

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A Prague city guide

And now, a city guide to Prague that's been hanging around in my draft folder for a while... I don't even remember why we decided to visit Prague in January now. But going in the winter turned out to be perfect. It has a bit of a reputation in the UK for being full of stag… Read more of "A Prague city guide"

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A bit of news

We left England last summer knowing that this would be our last few months of travelling. We've had four incredible years of adventure, throwing ourselves into new experiences and learning about different cultures and eating everything from burnt ramen (better than it sounds) to… Read more of "A bit of news"

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Orkney (video edition)

When I think back to our month in Orkney, I think of long, blustery walks on shingle beaches, my hair whipping my face, eating fish and chips from the little van that stopped in our village on Fridays, and huge hand-dived scallops, turquoise water and stone crofts and no one else… Read more of "Orkney (video edition)"

2017 in pictures

This year was split into two distinct parts. For the first six months we were in Europe – we had long stints in Prague and Warsaw, fell in love with Scotland and spent the summer at home. And then we went to South America, a continent that's surprised us in the very best way. We… Read more of "2017 in pictures"