Next stop: Cuba!

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We've spent the last 4 months slowly travelling around Europe, spending a month each in Lisbon, Berlin, Bologna and Valencia. It's been nice to be closer to home and have so many of our friends and family visit. After an insanely busy year, we needed some down time. But now we're rested up and SO excited about our next adventure.

This morning we're getting a high-speed train to Madrid, and then catching a 10-hour flight to Havana.

For the next month we'll be exploring Cuba's colonial cities, tropical beaches and jungles (and hopefully making it to Fidel's jungle HQ in the Sierra Maestra on my birthday!).

We usually plan in advance and book most of our accommodation before we arrive in a new country. It's less stressful, but means our plans aren't very flexible. For this trip we've just booked a home stay for our first 3 nights and we're going to figure out the rest along the way. It's a new way of travelling for us, and it'll be interesting to see how it all comes together.

Internet is meant to be hard to come by in Cuba, so we'll also be taking some time off work and being online. I'm really looking forward to switching off and taking some time away from our computers.

New posts will be up every Monday (thanks sis!), and we'll be back in mid-December with lots of stories and photos to share. I'll try and post photos on Instagram when I can, you can find me on @peekingduckco if you want to follow along.

And, if you have any tips for Cuba, I'd love to hear them!