Mercato Albinelli: Modena's foodie market

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It's kind of hard not to become obsessed with food in Italy, and at Modena's daily market that obsession will reach new heights.

With many of the stalls still run by the same families since the market opened in the 1930s, it's obvious how much care and pride the owners take in their produce. Everything is just perfect: the gleaming courgette flowers and spring onions, the fresh stracciatella in big bowls, the neat lines of handmade tortellini, and the piles of fresh amaretti biscuits at stall 94 (I really can't stress enough how important it is that you try these).

Inside the market

Courgette flowers and onions




Coloured brocolli

A couple of buildings down from the market is Trattoria Aldina. A family-run restaurant with no menu, each day the chefs buy ingredients from the market and design dishes based on what's in season. We had the tagliatelle al ragu, tortellini in broth and roast beef with balsamico, salted potatoes and spinach. Everything was simple, fresh and delicious, and it was one of our favourite meals in Italy.

Trattoria Aldina

Tortellini in brodo

Mercato Albinelli: 13 Via Luigi Albinelli, 41100 Modena. Trattoria Aldina: Second floor, 40 Via Luigi Albinelli, 41121 Modena.

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