Kep crab market

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Kep is a seaside town in southern Cambodia, where it's all about crabs. Most of the action happens at the small local market right by the water’s edge. Market traders bargain hard with customers, while fishermen drag nets heavy with seafood out of the water. There’s a lot going on and it’s a wonderful place to people watch, especially if you love markets as much as us.

Kep market

Selling crabs

Crab boxes

Bowl of crabs

Market traders having lunch

After a good look around the market, it was time to eat some crab. We headed to So Kheang Restaurant, which is in the row of family-run crab shacks on stilts that overlook the sea right next to the market. We placed our order (one plate of prawns, one plate of crabs) and a lady threw a couple of crab boxes into the sea and waited.

Crab fishing

A few minutes later, the crabs were on our plates. Without a doubt, the freshest seafood I have ever eaten. The crabs were fried in a delicious fresh green Kampot pepper sauce and were worth all the hard work to eat them..

Plate of prawns


This feast for two (which was actually a feast for three, but we have no self control when it comes to ordering) cost $13.50, including water and rice.

It’s also possible to order crabs directly from the market and have them cooked up in pots in the back. Check out this detailed guide on how to buy crabs in Kep for more info.

We visited Kep on a day trip from Kampot and the journey takes about 30–40 minutes by motorbike or tuk tuk. Alternatively, there are plenty of guesthouses and a beach here so you can stay for longer.

Right near Kep is a lovely little town that I've also written about – Kampot.