Hello from Prague

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We've been in Prague for a week now.

I expected Prague to be full of beautiful old buildings and bridges and museums, but I didn't expect the rest. The coffee shops – yesterday our barista asked us about our favourite flavours so he could give us a personal coffee bean recommendation – the big wide streets, the winter sun, the large Vietnamese community (read: the pho). We love this city already.

This weekend we had a Prague version of what used to be our usual London weekend – a couple of walks around our neighbourhood, art galleries, good coffee, pho for lunch, afternoons reading and going to the cinema. No working or sightseeing or taking photos other than just for fun. It was relaxing and restorative; it reminded us how good normal life can be.

Here's a little peek (excuse the phone photos):

Start the day with coffee

Pho for lunch

We've got another couple of months here and I'm so glad. It will be the longest we've stayed anywhere in almost 3 years.

Lots more on Prague and all our autumn adventures in Europe coming up soon!