Five things in Guadalajara

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Well, I've finally done it! This is my last post from our 6 months in Mexico.

Guadalajara was a bit of a weird one. It wasn't really what we'd expected, and it was hard not to keep comparing it to Mexico City. But looking back, there were quite a few things that we did enjoy.

These are my highlights:

Mercado Mexico

This market has lots of gourmet food stands and you can get everything from tacos to Greek food to doughnuts. Oh, and the coffee place in the courtyard is excellent. There's also a farmers' market on the weekends.

Mercado Mexico



This area, in the south east of the city, is a cute neighbourhood filled with boutiques and restaurants. The pedestrianised streets are a nice place to stroll or buy souvenirs. It would be a good place to stay if you don't want to be in the busy centre.

The main square

The pedestrianised streets

A boutique

Street art

I really liked the streets around Escorza and Hidalgo in the city centre. There's a student vibe, with little cafes and tattoo shops, as well as lots of murals. We wished we'd stayed around here (although our hostel was great).

Street art

University of Guadalajara

Inside Guadalajara's university is an art gallery, with a modern art exhibition when we visited. It's free to get into and the space is nice too.

University of Guadalajara

Street art outside

Las 9 Esquinas

For some reason we struggled to find good restaurants in the city centre (not something that's ever happened to us before!).

The exception was this place. It was our favourite meal in Guadalajara. A cute, local spot in a little square specialising in birria, a spicy goat or mutton stew from Jalisco.

Las 9 Equinas


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