Day 731

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Today we have officially been on the road for two years!

It's hard to believe we've been travelling for TWO WHOLE YEARS, and yet it does feel like a long time. Memories of life in London, the 9–5 and the 393, are hazier now.

Our second year away has been very different from our first, when we ran around Asia and Australia, trying to see (and eat!) everything.

This past year we've taken it much slower. We started off spending a month at a time in a few cities in Europe. Exploring Lisbon's street art, having fun with lots of visitors from home during a heatwave in Berlin, eating pasta in Bologna and then relaxing in Valencia. In November, we went on a Cuban adventure, and we've been in Mexico ever since. Finally landing in San Pancho, a cute little beach town that we love.

We've visited six countries (vs ten) and really enjoyed getting to know places properly. We ended our first year utterly drained and exhausted and so inspired by where we'd been. But it's impossible to sustain that same level of awe and excitement when something becomes your new normal. Even when that something is as amazing as travel.

So today we're somewhere a little different. We still love travelling but taking it slower has given us more time to focus on other things as well.

We don't really have a plan for year three yet. Although an idea has been forming over the last couple of weeks. We started off this year thinking about heading further south, then changed our minds. But it planted a seed. So after we head home in June, we're hoping to stay in Europe for the rest of the year, replenish our savings and then explore South America in 2017. Or maybe we'll do something totally different – who knows.

As for today, some of our good friends from London have surprised us with a last minute trip to visit and we're picking them up from the airport tonight – it's going to be a fun weekend!

P.S. If you missed it, here's a recap of our first year!