Dalat market, Vietnam

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Hello Vietnam! After dodging motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City and a whirlwind trip to the Mekong Delta, we were so ready to slow down and cool off for a few days in the mountain town of Dalat. Apart from a visit to the Crazy House (which really is crazy!), we didn't venture out to any of the sights. For us, Dalat was all about the market.

Dalat town

There are roadside stalls everywhere, so the city kind of feels like one big market, but most of the action takes place at the central market, with stalls radiating outwards in all directions.

View of a Dalat street

Stall vendors

A tamarind stall

People come from the surrounding mountain villages to sell their home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. Everything was incredibly fresh. In the meat section, you could even buy a live chicken that will be killed and butchered for you while you wait.

A fruit and vegetable stall

Fish stalls

Vegetable stalls

Meat section

We stayed in an Airbnb house with a kitchen so we made daily trips to the market. I can't say that the vendors were too friendly and we definitely got overcharged for some things, but it was fun regardless (note: this lady was actually super friendly!).

Colin buying vegetables

Bowls of chillies

This is Vietnam, so of course there are also plenty of street food stalls where you can sit on tiny stools and enjoy steaming bowls of soup or dumplings. We tried this delicious plate of soft dumplings, crispy croutons and prawns (if anyone knows what this is called, I'd love to know!).

Our street food

Soup vendors

Stall holders eating lunch

The main market is on every day, but arrive before noon to see it at its peak. There's also a food court in the market if you prefer to know what will be on your plate before you eat it.

Next stop – Hoi An.