The best cafes to work in Tokyo

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Apartments in Tokyo are small, we stayed in one that was the same size as our bathroom in London, with a bed on a raised platform over the tiny kitchen. So if you're planning to do any work in this city, it's pretty important to find a good work space. As well as being good places to work (they all have have free wifi), these coffee shops are also just nice places to hang out:

La Kagu

La Kagu was our go-to spot when we stayed in Iidabashi. The big communal tables were never too busy and there was always a mix of people working and catching up with friends. It's bright and airy, the food is great (you'll want to try the brownie, trust me) and there are nice touches like the illustrated menu.

Le Kagu

The big communal tables

The illustrated menu


Lattest is a trendy coffee shop set slightly back form the main street in Omotesandō, a nice area for a stroll that's filled with cute restaurants and boutiques. There's plenty of seating and it's a quiet place that's good if you don't want to be disturbed.

Inside Lattest



This cute coffee shop is on a quiet side street in Shibuya. It was kind of busy when we were there, but that was during Golden Week (when everyone in Japan gets the week off) and everywhere was busy. Fuglen has outside tables and a good selection of cakes and coffees.

The doorway

Coffee and pastry

Antenna Wired Cafe

Antenna Wired Cafe is part of Commune 246, a little street food market in Minato (more on that next week). It's a great place to work and still be part of the fun, the windows look out on to the market.

Outside the cafe

The interior

Niko and...

Niko and... was probably our favourite place to work. It's really light, each seat has its own plug and it's in Harajuku, so it's really central. There's also a restaurant upstairs (the lunch sets are so good) and a clothes and homewares shop on the ground floor.

The cafe

The coffees

If you're in the city for longer, Tokyo Cheapo has a list of coworking spaces.

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