Hi! I'm Yasmine, a 30-something, former science editor from London.

With my partner Colin, and the occasional visitor from home, I've been exploring the world for the last two years (current location: Prague).

Interests include street food, rooftop hangouts, markets, big cities and long train journeys. This blog is a place to share photos and stories from our journey, as well as tips and things we've learned along the way.

Work with me

I'm a freelance editor and writer, working with companies like Lonely Planet, Getty Images, UCL and [wherever] travel magazine.

My writing has appeared in Lonely Planet, Roads & Kingdoms, The Culture Trip, Travelettes and lots more.

If you'd like me to write or edit something for you, please get in touch.

Contact me

I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback, or you just want to say hi, you can email me at: hello@yasmineawwad.co.uk.

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