A Mexican Christmas

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Last year we spent Christmas in Vietnam. Unable to find any festive activities in Saigon, we ended up spending a slightly ridiculous amount of money on a box of Quality Street and watching Home Alone.

So this year, after a December filled with Instagrams of decorated trees and mince pies from London, we wanted to do something a bit more Christmassy.

We've just moved into our new home for the next few weeks, a little apartment outside of Oaxaca. And so on Christmas Eve, we decorated it with things from the market (including a santa piñata!) and watched the local brass band march through the village. And we spent Christmas chatting with our neighbours, playing cards, cooking a roast chicken and watching Christmas specials. Oh, and playing with our resident kitten – Nena.

Happy holidays everyone!

Decorating our apartment

Colin with the santa pinata

Our kitten, Nena

Reading on our hammock

Cooking Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

Christmas portrait

Things have been a little quiet around here lately but Cuba posts are coming soon...