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We left England last summer knowing that this would be our last few months of travelling. We've had four incredible years of adventure, throwing ourselves into new experiences and learning about different cultures and eating everything from burnt ramen (better than it sounds) to grasshoppers (not). But you can't keep moving forever and we are tired!

What we didn't know when we left, is what on earth we'd do when we get back. After a lot of talking and applications and interviews, we've decided where we're going – Bath.

We're moving in August for a year while I do an MA in creative writing and then we'll see. It feels good to have a transition period, so we can get used to living in one place again, adjust to all those months of grey and think about where we want to live long term (spoiler: by the sea!).

It's the beginning of a whole new chapter and we can't wait.

(Image: ©Pedro Szekely)