2017 in pictures

This year was split into two distinct parts. For the first six months we were in Europe – we had long stints in Prague and Warsaw, fell in love with Scotland and spent the summer at home.

And then we went to South America, a continent that's surprised us in the very best way. We've visited ancient holy places and trekked in the jungle, explored sprawling cities filled with markets and street food, and cosied up in a mountain cabin that we'll remember forever. It's just the adventure we were looking for.

Here are a few snapshots...

Prague in winter

January: We started off the year in beautiful, freezing cold Prague.

Our favourite cafe in Prague

February: Our favourite place in the city – Pekárna Praktika, a cosy basement bakery that made my glasses steam up every time I walked in.

The main square in Warsaw

March: And then it was on to Warsaw where we ate dumplings, went to art galleries and hung out with friends.

Cylcing around Hoy

April: I think my favourite day of the year was cycling in Hoy in Orkney. This is the main road through the island.

One of Scotland's beautiful beaches

May: After Orkney we drove around the north coast of Scotland.

Opening night of the film festival

June: My favourite work assignment in 2017 was covering the Edinburgh International Film Festival for Lonely Planet. This was the opening night, a screening of the brilliant God's Own Country.


July: And then it was time for an adventure. We started off in Colombia.

Marine iguanas

August: The once in a life time (although I'd quite like to go back) – marine iguanas in the Galapagos.

Our mountain cabin

September: I first saved this cabin to our airbnb wish list before we even left to go travelling and this year we finally made it. We spent every morning sitting on the porch drinking coffee from the plants below.

Ceviche in Lima

October: The best food of the year was Peruvian.

Machu Picchu

November: After five days of hiking up mountains, altitude sickness, five am starts and ten-hour hikes, sandflies, rain, sore knees and blistered feet we made it to Machu Picchu.

The road to Salta

December: Hello Argentina! Our first stop was Salta, surrounded by red rocks.

In 2018, everything's going to change. After four years of travelling, we've booked our flights home. But until then we have four months in Argentina and Chile, exploring Buenos Aires and Santiago, trekking in Patagonia and doing who knows what else (let me know if you have any recommendations!).

Buenos Aires is pretty quiet at NYE so tonight we'll be eating a mountain of dulce de leche ice cream and watching Black Mirror.

Happy New Year!