Things I miss about home

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Our leaving party in London

Understanding everything. That feeling when you walk out of the office on a Friday evening. Weekend trips home to see family. The endorphin hit of an early Sunday morning run. Snuggling up on our red sofa and watching movies on the projector. Green and Blacks sea salt milk chocolate. The day after the print deadline at work. Bike rides along the canal. Having friends over to watch Marley for the third time. Being able to get exactly what I want in a restaurant. Eating banh mi at Broadway market. Looking around that same art book shop every week and never buying anything. London accents. Bumping into friends on the train ride home from work. Picking up cappuccinos and pastries from the orange bakery on the corner. Long walks into central London on cold, sunny days. The Turkish bread in Dalston. Dinner parties with friends that go on into the night. Doing the same thing as everyone else and no one ever asking why.

We've been missing home lately. I think it's because we're at a bit of a crossroads. Our main income while we've been travelling so far has been Colin's contract work, which recently came to an end. We have a couple of options, but while we're waiting for new projects to start and deciding what to do, we're kind of in limbo. We can't make any travel plans while we're still unsure of what our commitments (and our budget) will be, so we're just waiting. And that has me thinking back to times when we always knew where we'd be next month and our days were comfortable and predictable.

There's so much I love about our life travelling, but sometimes you just miss home.