The 'click'

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couple smiling and drinking tea

There are downsides to travelling (having to pack up every few days, endless hours of research, stopping every half hour to rub tea tree oil on to yet another swollen mosquito bite, etc.), and it took a while for us to settle into this trip. Longer than I expected. For the first month, it didn't really feel like a holiday, but it didn't feel like our everyday lives yet either. We were having a great time, but we weren't loving it.

Hua Hin, at the beginning of week five, is where it all clicked into place. Suddenly everything got easier, our bags felt lighter, our smiles were bigger and an ecstatic I-can't-believe-this-is-my-life kind of happiness set in.

I'm sure that things will level out, but for now we are seriously loving every day!