A Querétaro city guide

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Querétaro, or Santiago de Querétaro as it's officially called, is a large city 3 hours from Mexico City. It's somewhere we visited because we needed a base for a month and found a good apartment. We didn't really know much about it before we arrived. Everyone we spoke to said the same things, "It's the safest place in Mexico!" and "It's so clean!". Well, ok then, sounds pretty good!

I can't write honestly about Queretaro without admitting that it wasn't exactly a highlight of our trip. In fact, it was kind of the opposite. But that's nothing to do with the city itself – it's a nice place. As I've mentioned, what feels like a million times before, things have been weird lately while we figure out work and what to do next (read this if you missed it). We're slowly figuring it out, though, and things have started to pick up now.

But enough about that, let's talk about Querétaro.

Centro Historico

The historical centre is a UNESCO protected area. It's colourful, with cobbled pedestrianised streets opening out into plazas full of trees (and, yes, it's very clean!). The city doesn't get many international visitors, and as a result people are very friendly. It's a great place to experience life in a Mexican city without the tourists.

There aren't tons of sights or things to do (although it's in the perfect position for some really great day trips, see below). We made it to the art museum and the regional museum. Otherwise we spent our days dealing with our aforementioned work situation, going on walks around the centre and people-watching in Plaza Fundadores, our favourite square.

The streets of the historical centre

A colourful blue building One of the city's cathedrals

A festival in our favourite square

Colin walking through the pedestrian streets

My dream car!

Inside the art museum The view from the regional museum

A colourful sign for the city

Another pedestrianised street

Where to eat

Our main course at Chincuil

Breakfast at Tikua

The restaurants in our favourite plaza

Salmon lasagna

Pizza at the bakery

Our last breakfast

Where to stay

We stayed in two apartments owned by the same company. They were both central, really nicely furnished and included a cleaner who came twice a week. They're available on airbnb and on the company website.

Our apartment in Queretaro

Day trips

One of the great things about Querétaro, is that it's perfectly placed to explore the surrounding cities. Here are some good day trips, all within a couple of hours away:

For more on Querétaro, I've written about our road trip around the state (day one and day two), and you can also check out the video from our trip.