Palm Beach, Koh Rong

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After two wonderful weeks exploring George Town, we headed off to meet two of London pals at our next destination, Cambodia.

Our first stop in Cambodia was Koh Rong, an insanely beautiful paradise island, about 25 km off southern Cambodia. More specifically, we visited Palm Beach, a small bay with one set of bungalows and a restaurant.

walking to the island

No wifi, 4 hours of electricity a day and no flushing toilets. But when you step out of your bungalow into this, basic accommodation isn't such an issue.

The beach

Sunbeds and hammocks

Just off the beach is a pier with a tiny village of stilt houses around it. On our last day we discovered a small shop at the end with a few supplies.

Stilt houses

During our five days on Koh Rong, we were gloriously lazy, we read a lot, kayaked, played badminton, volleyball and endless games of cards.

The restaurant



Playing badminton

There are other beaches on Koh Rong with a lot more going on (see Koh Touch), but if you're looking for a quiet place to unwind, Palm Beach is the best spot we've found so far.

By the last day we were craving some variation, a new menu and a proper shower. But spending five days with so little to do was the ultimate relaxation. On the boat back to the mainland, we were so chilled it was actually hard to remember life before the island.

On the boat back to the mainland

The deets: we paid $250 per bungalow for 6 nights, including the return boat ride to the island from the Palm Beach office in Sihanoukville. The restaurant at the resort serves a variety of Khmer and Western dishes, although none of them blew us away. There are plenty of hammocks and sunbeds on the beach and snorkelling equipment and kayaks are free to use.

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