Making plans

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We've found it difficult to figure out what to do this year. In January, Colin's long-term contract came to an end, which left us undecided about what to do next. Should we continue south to Ecuador and Columbia as planned? Or would it be cheaper to stay in Mexico? Should we add in another adventure somewhere closer, like Nicaragua or Costa Rica? Would it make more sense to go back to Europe early?

With so many options and not knowing how things would work out financially, we put off making any decisions while we weighed things up and waited for something to happen.

But then, last week, we got sick of waiting. Half-hearted browsing on Airbnb turned into actually booking apartments and now we have real plans.

So here's what the first half of our year looks like. We're staying in Querétaro for an extra week, there's a festival for Easter and despite being here for a month already, we haven't seen much of it yet. Then we're splitting the rest of the month between Mexico City and Guadalajara.

At the beginning of April we're going to San Pancho for two months, a sleepy beach town on the Pacific Coast that I've wanted to visit ever since reading this post on Bridges and Balloons. I can't wait for yoga every day and fish tacos and beach sunsets, and we've even managed to find somewhere to stay with decent internet.

Then we'll be making our way home, via Phoenix (can't wait to see you Laila!) and Boston. Our trip home to London will be longer this year, and we're hoping to see a bit more of the UK while we're back, as well as spending lots of time with family and friends.

And come August we'll be on the road again (destination undecided).

We don't have everything figured out. But it's a relief to have made some decisions and the rest will fall into place. Some people can drift from place to place and just move on when they feel like it. But that's not us. It feels so good to have plans!