Hong Kong's markets

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From clothes to vegetables and flowers to pets, there’s a market for everything here and they are so fun to explore.

The food markets are filled with the freshest vegetables and you can smell the fruit before you see it. They are all over the city, right next to the business districts in Central as well as in the more residential areas like Mongkok.

lady walking in rain in Hong Kong market

Graham Street vegetable market

Causeway Bay food market

Hong Kong pineapple stall

We walked around the markets of Mongkok on a Sunday so the streets were busy and the parks were filled with the maids of the city having picnics on their day off. First we came to the goldfish market, which actually has lots of different fish and tiny crabs for sale in bags. It leads on to the flower market and before we knew it we were in Yuen Po Bird Garden with hundreds of chirping birds.

Hong Kong goldfish market

Hong Kong goldfish close up

Hong Kong plant stall

Hong Kong flower market

Yuen Po Street bird garden

That night we decided to check out the Tai Kok Tsui food centre inside a municipal building opposite our hotel.

Tai Kok Tsui food centre

We found the food hall, which was packed with families seated at large round tables eating all sorts of local delicacies. We were going to stay, but with no English menus and chicken feet on the horizon we weren’t brave enough. Maybe next time!

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