A guide to San Pancho

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When we look back on this crazy adventure, I know that one of our favourite memories will be of San Pancho.

With one main street that leads to the beach, San Pancho is tiny but it's filled with restaurants, cafes, little boutiques and juice bars. People walk around barefoot, there are friendly dogs snoozing on every corner and a huge, beautiful beach where people go to watch the sunset each night. It's chilled and quiet and friendly.

The main street in San Pancho

VW Beetles are everywhere The view from our apartment

Buy your vegetables from the back of a truck

For anyone headed there – and you should, for as long as you can – here are a few things to know.


We went to the beach every day. Sometimes to read in the sun, sometimes for a walk in the morning, sometimes to watch the sunset. Once we even went for a run (but it was so hard we never did it again).

San Pancho's beach is almost perfect. The sand is golden, it's huge and quiet, the sun sets over the water. But it's not great for swimming (unless you like getting knocked about by waves).

The beach bars

Snacks for sunset Sunset

Messing around at sunset!


Cafe Manana

Muffins at Chocobanana

Banana bread at Cafe Paraiso

Where to eat

For such a small town, San Pancho has some seriously great restaurants (and, yes, we did eat out a lot, no judgement).

Breakfast at Bistro Organico

Gorditas at Gardenia

Shrimp burrito at Baja


Tacos and memelas at Los Arbolitos

Colin's torta


Tuna tostadas

Weekly market

Every Tuesday, from 10am to 2pm, there's a farmer's market in the main square. It's not as big as Sayulita's market, but it's still a nice place to browse and you can get things like French pastries and quiches, and locally grown greens.

The weekly market

Live music

One of the lovely things about San Pancho is the live music. Almost every night of the week there's a band playing somewhere. Our favourite was Vagabond Swing.

Popular spots to listen to live music are: Baja, Maria's, Il Santo and Darjeeling.

Entre Amigos

There's a real sense of community in San Pancho and Entre Amigos is a big part of that. With planned activities, an education centre, a library and recycling facilities, it's a place for children and adults to hang out, learn something new and meet people.

Entre Amigos


Considering its size, there are quite a few shopping options in San Pancho, from surf shops to a vintage boutique selling 1960s ponchos. My favourite was Mexicolate, a handmade chocolate shop with flavours like grapefruit and habenero.

A clothes shop

Chocolate from Mexicolate


For more on the area, read about Sayulita and where to go on day trips.